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b-plus grows

> 180 employees


Foundation of an engineering office

3 Employees

Company founded by Prof. Dr. Jörg Böttcher, as a system house for networked measurement technology and automation

Alignment in technology fields

8 Employees

  • .... in the field of industrial field buses and communication as well as a development service provider for automotive software development
  • First product development and small series production

Strategic positioning

10 Employees

  • ... in the business areas of mobile automation, automotive software development and embedded hardware design as a service
  • Michael Sieg joins as Managing Director

Starting signal for products

19 employees

  • Development and production of embedded PC board level components, solutions for the automation of mobile machines (diagnosis)
  • Establishment of sustainable partnerships

From component to system

65 Employees

  • Focus on system solutions and tools for the development of (auto-) mobile control units and safety controllers
  • Participation in relevant technology funding projects

b-plus 2.0

> 100 employees

  • Development of an own product and service portfolio with system solutions in the technological environment of autonomous driving (measurement technology, validation, tools)
  • Foundation of the subsidiary b-plus automotive GmbH 
  • Company anniversary 20 years b-plus - flyer here
Automotive Validation Toolchain
b-ISOBUS CAN Gateway

b-plus grows

> 150 employees

  • Development and completion of the Automotive Validation Toolchain AVETO
  • Development and completion of the b-ISOBUS CAN Gateway

b-plus grows

> 180 employees