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The company culture of b-plus is characterized by sense of responsibility, fairness and trust. We attach great importance to cooperative behavior towards employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Those principles form the basis of corporate management. They are the basis for the stability of our success.  


ISO 9001 ist the most important norm in quality management.

Our quality policy is inherent part of our corporate philosophy and basis for customer satisfaction.

Environmental protection

To protect our environment is part of our corporate guidelines. To act in an environmentally aware manner and the reduction of energy and resources are missions of every employee.


"We participate!" Under this motto, we support "TfK – Technik für Kinder (Technology for Children)" and thus promote our own technology talent.

Scientific studies show that the decision for a technological job is 80% established during childhood. You learn football in the football club, tennis at the tennis club, music in the music school – but where does a child learn "technology" and craftsmanship?

The non-profit organization “TfK – Technik für Kinder e.V." enthuses children and young people early and sustainably for craft and technology with its projects.

Playfully and by “do it yourself”. "We participate!" – to support our offspring. Together with “TfK – Technik für Kinder e.V." we set the course to secure our future with qualified professionals in Bavaria.

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