MDS (Measurement Data Service)

The MDS (Measurement Data Service) software component is a service that is used in multiprocessor systems for efficient, synchronous and time-stamped derivation of data. Here, the generation of the appropriate XML signal description file takes place via a supplied symbol parser for C/C++. This ensures a later reusability of the data streams in highly accurate simulation or hardware in the loop systems.

By integrating with a wide variety of operating systems, the software developed for the ADAS/AD domain allows data to be sent highly efficiently from an ECU to a recorder unit.


Special protection mechanisms and time stamps enable maximum transparency for fault analyses, integration tests and test drives.

Furthermore, the highest data rates for maximum signal transmission of algorithms, BSW signals, trace or clone information are no problem thanks to flexible connection to high-speed interfaces such as PCIe, HSSL, etc.

In the interaction of measurement technology and sensor, MDS is an essential part of the system for data recording, evaluation, error analysis and subsequent resimulation for HIL and SIL.

OSO (Operating System Observer)

In addition, the OS-Observer component allows direct access to the ECU's operating system data at runtime, even without a connected (trace) debugger. This allows the ECU operating system status to be monitored and recorded.

The collected status data is forwarded to MDS in a standardized way and thus extracted from the ECU. These can be visualized live on a PC or stored directly in the memory of the recording.

Accordingly, the simple connection to OS interfaces makes it possible to obtain detailed information about runtime, utilization and misconfiguration, as well as to shorten development time.

Regardless of whether algorithm and function data or simple runtime information such as CPU load, task and function runtimes are transferred - with the appropriate recording and visualization framework, the bundle offers a multitude of possibilities to noticeably accelerate the development of ECUs.

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