Applications for the development of autonomous driving

Our two application software packages Recorder and Developer enable the recording and subsequent viewing of the acquired data. Sensor data is collected from the camera, radar, vehicle bus and Ethernet, as well as other sensors and control units in the vehicle. Both packages guarantee high-performance and thus form a perfect interface to the hardware and the measurement data interface. This allows the most accurate metrological data to be collected.

The software tools are designed for the most demanding recording solutions in the multi-gigabit range. They are continuously adapted to the latest generations of driver assistance systems and autonomous functions. In addition, the test fleet management software gives you access to metadata about the status of the measurement fleet and the installed devices. Recorder

High performance recorder software for sensor raw and bus data Developer

Visualization and application software


Supported sensors by

Sensor Technology Specific Supplier
CAN-Bus Transfer data through bCanCubeMini (bCCM) on CAN  
Camera Camera (GigE Vision) A2A1920-51gcBAS
Basler ace 2
Camera Camera (GigE Vision) AcA1600-60gc
Basler ace
Camera Camera (GigE Vision) AcA1920-40gc
Basler ace
Camera Camera (GigE Vision) Based on Basler API Basler
Camera Camera (FPD Link III) Leopard Imaging
Leopard Imaging
Camera Camera (FPDLink III) Leopard Imaging
Leopard Imaging
Camera Camera (FPDLink III) Leopard Imaging
Leopard Imaging
Camera Camera (FPDLink III) Leopard Imaging
Leopard Imaging
Camera Camera (FPDLink III) Leopard Imaging
Leopard Imaging
Camera Camera USB cameras Generic
Camera Camera (GMSL2) Leopard Imaging
Leopard Imaging
Camera Camera (GMSL1) Sekonix SF3324 Sekonix
Camera Camera (GMSL2) LI-AR0820-GMSL2 Leopard Imaging
Camera Camera (GMSL2) LI-IMX424-GMSL2 Leopard Imaging
Camera Camera (GMSL2) LI-OV10650-495-GMSL2 Leopard Imaging
Camera Camera (GMSL2) LI-TOF-GMSL2 Time of Flight Camera Leopard Imaging
CAN-Bus CAN-Bus CAN (-FD) data Generic
Ethernet Devices   Generic Ethernet-Devices (100M/1G/10G)  
Lidar Lidar Cepton Vista P60 Cepton
Lidar Lidar Velodyne VLP-16 Velodyne
Lidar Lidar Velodyne VLP-32 Velodyne
Serial devices Serial devices GNSS and IMU data Various

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