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AVETO - Sensor validation tools for autonomous driving

From the concept phase to series development, a wide variety of test procedures are employed for the use of future sensor systems in order to be able to react to real traffic risks.

The reliable, time-synchronous recording of raw sensor data and the associated visualization of a very large flood of data in the vehicle support this. In the next step, the recorded raw data is used for simulation tests and further developments. Increasingly high-resolution sensors continuously increase the complexity and the amount of data, which require development tools that are coordinated with each other.

With its AVETO application packages for the acquisition, analysis and processing of multi-gigabit sensor data, b-plus offers a suitable tool chain for validation.

Consequently, we describe the test methods of the AVETO toolchain:

  •  Logging of raw and bus data with up to 16Gbit/s data rate
  •  Analysis through the subsequent visualization of the sensor data
  •  Replay of the sensor data by the HiL test system

Automotive Validation Toolchain for autonomous driving

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