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CAN gateway and bus simulator

CANTucan is designed for the use in development, test and diagnosis environment for communication networks in cars, trucks and laboratories. After the configuration CANTucan runs stand-alone and can be used without a PC.

  • Bus Simulation: Configurable bus simulation based on own definition or a DBC file
  • Signal gateway: Message level based realtime routing
  • Message gateway: Complete signal level based rerouting of message
  • Intelligent wire: Intelligent realtime message manipulation
  • Stand-Alone operation: After the configuration CANTucan operates completely without host and starts the configuration automatically

A multifunctional tool for CAN networks

  • Fast and easy to use due to complete tool supported configuration
  • Stand Alone operation without host PC
  • DBC import or own network definitions
  • Smallest dimensions and robust housings for the use in automotive areas
  • Manipulation down to signal area

Technical details

  • Various operation modes for intelligent real time message manipulation and / or reconstruction with the bus simulation
  • Complete tool supported parameterization for high flexibility and fast results
  • Message configuration via DBC file or manual input of the identifier
  • Minimum dimensions and robust aluminium housing
  • Device monitoring (external watchdog, temperature and onboard current via CAN message)

Main Module

  • CPU: XC2287 16Bit CPU @ 66 MHz
  • RAM/Flash: internal 768kByte FLASH, external 512kByte SRAM, external 2MByte FLASH
  • Dimensions Box: 24(h) x 69(w) x 93(l) mm
  • Power supply: 8 bis 24 V DC; max. ca. 5 W power consumption
  • Operating temperature range: Typical -20°C up to +85°C
  • Expansion Slot: Connector for custom modules
  • CAN Baud rate: Free configurable from 125kBaud up to 1MBaud
  • USB: USB2.0, 3MBit


  • 2x CAN (2x als D-SUB , 1x galv. getrennt)
  • 8 Digital-Out (routed to 8 LEDs)
  • 4 Digital-In (plug connector -weak high against GND)
  • USB for the configuration

Version overview

Import DBC files or create own networks X X X X
Usable CAN interfaces 2 1 2 2
CAN filtering - CAN firewall X X X
Baudrate change X X X
Message gateway X X X
CAN bus simulation X X X
CAN ID & DLC manipulation X X X X
CAN signal manipulation X X
Combine signals with mathematical operations X X
Signal manipulation on digital inputs X X X
Combined bus simulation and signal gateway X X
Generate additional signal types (waveform pattern random) X

Order information

Name Order-no. Description
CANTucan GT2.x B10235-C2C-002-0101 CAN Gateway: Import DBC Files or create own networks / Usable CAN Interfaces: 2 / CAN Filtering / CAN Firewall / Baudrate Change / Message Gateway / CAN ID & DLC Manipulation
CANTucan RBS 2.x B10240-C2C-002-0101 with I/O module & 2nd CAN, features: restbus sumulation, with I/O based manipulation, dbc based and manual message cofiguration, incl. 1 minor feature update
CANTucan SGTR Lite 2.x B10245-C2C-002-0101 CAN gateway and bus simulator: Import DBC Files or create own networks / Usable CAN Interfaces: 2 / CAN Filtering / CAN Firewall / Baudrate Change / Message Gateway / Signal based gateway / CAN Bus Simulation / CAN ID & DLC Manipulation / Signal Manipulation on Digital Inputs / Combined Bus Simulation and Signal Gateway
CANTucan SGTR 2.x B10251-C2C-002-0101 with I/O module & 2nd CAN, features: restbus simulation, message & signal gateway, with I/O based manipulation and indication, dbc based and manual message configuration, incl. 1 minor feature update

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