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Hardware in the Loop (HiL) Test

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Reinjection of Sensor Raw Data and Bus Data

b-HiL is the scalable hardware in the loop system for radar, camera and fusion platform which offers the simulation/replay of sensor raw data and bus and net data. Thus it offers the tests earlier than with conventional HiL systems during the development process. It fits ideal in existing tool chain ecosystems via API.

It offers:

  •  Earlier access to Hardware in the Loop/Reinjection of sensor data improving early software stability
  •  Perfect solution for the developers desk
  •  Flexible Setup for clustering multiple sensor data streams
  •  Time Correlated injection of recorded raw sensor data and bus data for reproduceable real test drive


Schematic structure with b-HiL

b-HiL Controller in AVETO.vis

Key Features

  • Start early with developing your ECU software on a HiL based platform
  • Scalable processing power
  • Replay raw data (images) and bus signals synchronously
  • Test the ECU software with a realistic environment with real test drive data
  • Use 10G connection for highest demands on bandwidth and timing
  • On Board JTAG for fast ECU updates
  • Scalable systems by clustering to replay multiple sensor streams e.g. sensor fusion platform


b-HiL consists of two main components, the lower baseboard and the upper sensor connector board. The Sensor Connector Board is available in a standard version with e. g. CSI-2 interfaces, but can also be customized.

For the adaption to the specific ECU following topics can be realized on project base:

  • Built-in ECU
  • Connection of sensors / ECUs with specific interfaces and use cases (e.g. CSI-2, ZipWire, ...)
  • Variable for sensors (imager, radar, ...)
  • Part emulation of sensors possible
  • Replay of synthetic generated image data (e.g. over DisplayPort)
  • Imager-initialization or rather provide imager information for the ECU (e.g. with I2C)

Data sheet

Data sheet b-HiL



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