Reinjection of Sensor Raw Data and Bus Data

b-HiL is the scalable hardware in the loop system for radar, camera and fusion platform which offers the simulation/replay of sensor raw data and bus and net data.

Thus it offers the tests earlier than with conventional HiL systems during the development process. It fits ideal in existing tool chain ecosystems via API.

Your benefits using b-HiL:

  • Earlier access to Hardware in the Loop/Reinjection of sensor data improving early software stability
  •  Perfect solution for the developers desk
  •  Flexible Setup for clustering multiple sensor data streams
  •  Time Correlated injection of recorded raw sensor data and bus data for reproduceable real test drive


Watch the video to get a short overview of b-HiL, and learn about the benefits and features of this Hardware in the Loop test system.


Time Synchronization

This product supports XTSS – Time Synchronisation Service – and is part of the highly accurate and performant timing concept of the AVETO Toolbox. Learn more about the supported functions on this page.


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