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BRICK - The system


The ADAS measurement platform BRICK is especially designed for the data acquisition of high-bandwidth sensors, ECUs, etc. The platform with an acquisition speed of 8Gbit/s combined with the BRICK STORAGE Add-On offers a logging storage up to 32 TByte. With the BRICK MI Add-On it is also possible to integrate customer-specific PCI express-cards. Due to the compact rack setup, which is optimized for small space in the vehicle, you can install the whole system solution with less wiring effort. 


Keep pace with the required complexity and information density and ensure a reliable and efficient validation process.

A perfect match of minimal dimensions, high data processing capabilities, scalable logging memory and rugged design makes BRICK ideal for the integration in test vehicles for the reliable validation of autonomous systems.

BRICK - ADAS measurement technology redefined

Autonomous driving applications require high resolution sensor technology. The validation of such systems increases the requirements for reliable and safe capturing of raw data, datalogging and storing. Especially accurate time synchronization and time stamps on capture inputs is essential for the further use of recorded data for development and HIL systems.

BRICK offers

Measurement Technology
  • Modular application ready solution for any customized measurement and logging requirement
  • Permanent recording of more than 8Gbit (1GByte) per second 
  • Easy integration of customer specific high bandwidth interfaces (e.g. LVDS, HiSPI,...)
  • Accurate time synchronization based on IEEE802.1AS and Hardware time stamp
  • Huge number of vehicle bus interfaces with modular scalability
  • Minimum dimension for easy and secure installation in test vehicles
  • Professional turnkey solution with a wide range of accessories

Challenges of ADAS measurement technology

  • Rising sensor resolution requiring permanent data acquisition bandwidths of 1 GByte/s (8GBit/s)
  • Reliable and safe data storage capabilities of up to 32TB and above
  • Easy and secure to use measurement system to prevent handling errors and possible data loss
  • Wide range of possible application scenarios require extreme computing performance
  • Harsh environmental conditions demanding robust designs
  • Compact dimensions for easy integration in test vehicles
  • Rapid prototyping support for advanced development

Use case example

Automotive Testing

Configure your dedicated application ready logging system

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