EDSwitch 10G

Ethernet Switch for automotive applications

Designed to be adaptive, with outstanding throughput

The high flexible EDSwitch 10G series offers three different versions to match your specific needs. The 12 or 20 port versions of the device provide 4 x 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ uplinks and result in a cost-effective and reliable industrial solution where high-throughput and high-reliability is fundamental.

Designed for PoE, in wide temperature

EDSwitch 10G supports up to 20 x 1 Gigabit ports in different configurations, either Copper, PoE or Fiber. Specifically designed for bringing power through Ethernet cable virtually anywhere, a maximum output Power over Ethernet of 240 W over a maximum of 8 x PoE/PoE+ ports is available (802.3af/at).

Rugged, wide-temperature, well protected design

EDSwitch 10G is CE and FCC certified and designed to withstand the harshest surroundings and the most demanding EMC environments. Its fanless and EMC optimized design ensures reliable operations within -40°C and +70 °C. This includes that no packet is lost with all ports running full power and makes it suitable for almost every application.

Use Cases


EDSwitch 10G offers the possibility to have "ptp-enabled" devices like GigE-Vision cameras synchronized to a grandmaster clock like b-plus BRICK2 with XTSS service. Simultaneously, EDSwitch 10G can combine data streams from multiple Gigabit devices to a single 10G upstream port to save Ethernet ports on the recording unit.


Port Mirroring

In addition to the timesync feature, EDSwitch 10G offers the possibility to forward Ethernet data simultaneously to existing ECU(s) as well as to a recorder unit such as b-plus BRICK2 or analysis platforms such as DATALynx ATX4.


Selective VLAN

Another option which EDSwitch 10G offers is the possibility to configure VLANs on the switch. This enables the management of the data flow from different Ethernet sources over separated 10G upstream ports to the recorder unit. The port mirroring feature can run in parallel to keep the data forwarding to extisting ECU(s).




  • 12 ports total
    • 8 ports RJ45 1Gbit (PoE 802.3af/at)
    • 4 ports SFP+ Slot 1/10Gbit



  • 20 ports total
    • 8 ports RJ45 1Gbit (PoE 802.3af/at)
    • 4 ports RJ45 1Gbit
    • 4 ports SFP Slot 1Gbit
    • 4 ports SFP+ Slot 1/10Gbit


  • 20 ports total
    • 8 ports RJ45 1Gbit (PoE 802.3af/at)
    • 8 ports RJ45 1Gbit
    • 4 ports SFP+ Slot 1/10Gbit

Time Synchronization

This product supports XTSS – Time Synchronisation Service – and is part of the highly accurate and performant timing concept of the AVETO Toolbox. Learn more about the supported functions on this page.


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