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Controller for mobile machines

The controller for mobile machines offers 11 multifunctional in-and outputs and can be used flexibly in different machines. High performance, a wide range of interfaces and high robustness makes the controller to the best solution.

b-CANCubeMini is an AEF-certified hardware platform, which have been tested according to the ISO 11783 standard and the supplementary AEF Guidelines.

Technical data

  • Operating temperature: -40 … +85°C
  • Protection class: IP54
  • Weight: 0,220 kg
  • Qualification: CE / E-mark
  • Dimensions: 71 x 73 x 32 mm (WxHxD)
  • Housing: Aluminium, black anodized
  • Mounting: Twin automotive relay, 2x 9-pole / Back side 2x M3 inner thread / Optional: Clamp for rail mount 35mm
  • Bus interfaces: 2 CAN-bus (High-Speed) according to ISO 11898-2
  • Power supply: 8 ... 32 V DC
  • Processor: CORTEX M4 32bit
  • Memory: 1024kB Flash, 192kB RAM, 8kB FRAM


Bus communication

Two CAN-Interfaces e.g. for the connection to various motor control units or CAN control interfaces by b-plus

Multifunctional inputs and outputs

Eleven variable parametrizable inputs and outputs offer the flexibility to be adapted to the particular application

Robust mechanical housing

Proven housing technology (Twin automotive relay) in the mobile area and solid aluminum housing

Free programmable and parametrizable

Programming in C, alternative parametrizable application software for the connectivity to J1939 and CANopen® networks

Order information

Name Order-no.
b-CANCubeMini B20100-CCM-001-0001
b-CANCubeMini-JTAG B20100-CCM-002-0001
b-CANCubeMini J1939 Slave B20100-CCM-001-0002
b-CANCubeMini CANopen-Slave B20100-CCM-001-0003
b-CANCubeMini-Starter-Set CAN+JTAG B20100-CCM-002-S300


Function 5x Input 1x Input / Output 5x Output
Voltage 0 .. 10 V x x
Voltage 0 .. 32 V x x
Current 0 .. 20 mA x x
Frequency (<= 30kHz) x
Resistor (<= 5 kOhm) x
Digital (high / low switching) x
PWM active ABS sensor (7/14mA) 4x
Tachometer pulse DTCO (5V) 1x
Digital (high switching) x


Function 5x Input 1x Input / Output 5x Output
Digital output (high / low switching) x x
PWM output (20… 250 Hz) x x
Current regulated output (accuracy 2%) x x

- 3 full-bridge per SW possible
- Protection against short circuit and excess temperature
- Diagnostic capability
- max. 4A per output

Internal area

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