Your perfect HiL-Solution with CONiX

The CONiX HiL Solution is a scalable open or closed loop ADAS / AD-HiL system. It consists of software modules that can be combined with state-of-the-art hardware, e.g. from b-plus technologies GmbH. Together they enable a highly precise rendering of raw and network data. Our highly specialized project teams realize the system according to your requirements and guarantee early system availability for a fast project start.

Simplify your sensor validation with our CONiX HiL Solution.

We offer you modular software and precise hardware in combination with highly qualified development teams.

For low bandwidth playback on a development table - up to the automated operation of fully equipped HiL racks with high bandwidth for 24/7 use.

Use your time efficiently and focus on the further development of your ADAS/AD functions


  • seamless integration into customer processes
  • synchronous playback of raw sensor data, vehicle BUS and network information
  • supports common sensor technologies (radar, lidar, and camera)
  • suitable for powerful AD platforms
  • raw data interfaces: CSI2, GSML2, FPD-III

Benefits of using our Hardware in the Loop solution

From development to validation

Cost Reduction
Risk Reduction
Quality Improvement
Faster results

Your added value

  • Time savings due to proven technology right from the start
  • Reliability through existing and tested software modules
  • Flexibility through seamless integration into your environment
  • Scalability to all development phases
  • Parallel development of ECU and HiL
  • Quality through highly qualified and experienced expert teams
  • Reduction of project escalation and validation costs

Our solution at a glance

  • Breaking down the complex overall system into modular,
    self-contained and simple individual modules
  • Combination and integration of modules depending on customer workflow
  • Coordination of hardware and software from a single source
  • Simple data transfer through variable interfaces
  • Self-diagnosis of the HiL system
  • Guaranteed time synchronization through the use of our XTSS services

Use Cases

Sensor development

  • Open loop on recording basis
  • Technologies used: CAN & CSI2
  • Engineering: Continuous Integration, MDF support, integration into
  • development environment, Failure Injection
  • Building Blocks: Raw Data Replay, Network Replay


Platform validation

  • Closed loop on simulation basis
  • Technologies used: CAN, SOMEIP & GMSL
  • Engineering: Project planning, system architecture, system integration
  • Building Blocks: HiL Sequencer, Test Reporter


Sensor validation

  • Open loop on recording basis
  • Technologies used: SOMEIP & GMSL
  • Engineering: Project planning, KPI determination,
  • Building Blocks: HiL Sequencer, MDF Lib, Cloud Connector

What do you gain from us?

State of the art technologies and methods: Safe innovations for standard and future based ECU development. Cutting right to the chase without any delays. 

Let us show you how b-plus can help

  • Get your expert knowledge for your HiL Project
  • Transfer your knowledge into the area of automotive, speak to the appropriate person right now.
  • Ensure yourself engineering support for your software project.


We are looking forward to giving you independent and solution-based advice.

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