Cloud-based management of test fleets

The management of test fleets involves a high level of administrative effort: vehicles require smart coordination, software updates lead to downtimes, test procedures are slowed down.

Create a smart and efficient testing environment for  the validation and development of your vehicle systems with the CONiX Testfleet-Management-Solution. IT provides a secure interface between your entire (test) system and the cloud.
Our Solution is used in all vehicle areas for the digitalization of fleets and the development of ADAS and AD systems.

Regardless of time and location, you can use the CONiX to coordinate your test fleets and increase the efficiency of your development process.


Discover the all-in-one solution for your test fleet management


  • Create profiles for drivers, vehicles and test fleets
  • Coordinate and manage vehicle fleets and their components easily
  • Upcoming, ongoing and completed test drives always in focus
  • Plan resources efficiently by viewing capacities and vehicle utilization
  • Over-the-air configuration of the test system


  • Vehicle fleet is tracked by GPS localization and active route tracking with heat map
  • Data is captured in real time and live monitoring of the driving programmes
  • Test drivers and managers communicate via bi-directional chat channel
  • Continuous control over the progress of test campaigns and vehicle stands
  • Raw data is enriched with metadata in the form of predefined tags via tablet


  • Software versions can be read out remotely
  • Version histories are documented in the vehicle network
  • Measurement technology is reconfigured according to customer requirements
  • Test data pools of several petabytes are evaluated faster thanks to set data tags
  • Vehicle data is obtained within minutes instead of hours
  • Time-independent software updates on vehicles and control unit

Your advantages with CONiX

  • Save time with weekly updates and configurations
  • Always keep an overview of the fleet and the system status in the vehicles
  • Evaluate the results of test drives faster
  • Maintain an overview of the version history of the software used
  • Gain remote access to all vehicle interfaces

The most important features at a glance

Constant connection to
the vehicles
Secure and protected
data transmission
Real-time system access and
transmission of live status
Comprehensive applicability
for a wide range of scenarios
and requirements
Open interfaces,
easy integration into existing
systems and data formats
Modular set-up, individual,
flexible range of functions as
well as integration of existing
components and databases

Try out our evaluation kit

With our evaluation kit you can test CONiX Testfleet-Management-Solution according to your needs and requirements: Create first test fleets, follow test drives and evaluate your measurement data.

Contact us today to receive your evaluation kit!

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