Hard and Software in the Loop test systems: Re-injection and visualization of sensor raw data

To enable algorithm optimization as early as possible in the development and validation cycle, developers use hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) systems for radar, camera, and fusion platforms. Some of these, such as monitor HiL systems, are no longer sufficient for today's replay of multi-gigabit sensors, since you aren’t able to handle the ammount of camera data or miss some real world physical effects, e.g. glare. Thus you want to replay your data on the target ECU oder autonomous drive controller with the exact real world data you acquired.

The function blocks of AVETO.replay deliver solutions for the testing with sensor raw data as a source for the test methods of Software in the Loop (SiL) and Hardware in the Loop (HiL).

Hardware in the loop - b-HiL

Reinjection / Replay of sensor and bus data for camera or radar

Visualization Software

Visualization including SDK for Visualization and control development








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