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Micro Client 3 / 3W


A new dimension of visualization

The Micro Client 3 touch panel computers are ideally suited for production line optimization and supervisory control applications. 

Key Features

  • Designed for control and monitoring
  • Wartungsfrei design: fanless cooling, battery-free
  • Scalable: 10” - 17”
  • Software image compatible


The Micro Client 3 product family offers all the latest features required for intelligent displays in an industrial environment like multitouch functionality for operating and monitoring, modern industrial design and widescreen format. Based on the Intel® Atom™ D2550, dual core the Micro Client 3 offers high computing performance and outstanding graphic performance with the option to include an additional display port in order to connect a second display. All displays are scalable from 10,4” to 17” with resistive touch. But the highlight of this product line is the Micro Client 3W with a 15,6” display in the new 16:9 format (wide) offering a glass front with capacitive and multitouch features. The LED backlights for all devices ensure longer lifetime and the gold cap makes the Micro Client 3 maintenance-free. Shock and vibration resistance, thermal stability and compliance with the strictest EMC standards are standard features for all Micro Clients

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