Accelerate your mission. With our expert teams. That's for certain.

Here at b-plus, we see ourselves as pioneers of new mobility. Therefore, we always follow the market requirements and current trends. Our goal is to offer every customer a perfectly tailored and reliable solution for their particular application. From development to implementation, our engineers are always at your side with their extensive know-how.

The core of our business revolves around engineering services, which ultimately result in exactly the products and solutions that you need. Proximity to our customers is particularly important to us. Only in this way can we ensure that we can support you confidently and in a goal-oriented manner, with our high level of process understanding and technical expertise. With its three subsidiaries, b-plus GmbH is broadly positioned and thus covers various industries. Therefore, our development focus is on the automotive industry as well as on mobile automation.

It is our aim to support you with the responsibility of your challenges. Let yourself be inspired by our hands-on mentality and our courage to innovation for new mobility - from people for people.

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