Connectivity & Cloud

Cloud and container solutions for flexible and efficient OTA and health monitoring infrastructures

In the area of cloud platforms, we are working with all common cloud providers (e.g. AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and use their managed services and infrastructure. We adapt the common services and thereby bring our infrastructure quickly into a productive and stable state.

To be able to run on-premise and outside of a cloud provider, we rely on self-contained container technologies like Docker. All web-based protocols like http, MQTT, websockets etc. are supported and addressed by the programming languages Python, Ruby and Java. In this way, we achieve results quickly, safely and efficiently.



Expertise in our engineering teams Connectivity & Cloud


• Configuration management of the installed components in the vehicle

• Campaign management for test vehicle overview, defining goals and evaluate degree of performance

• Internal ticket system applicable to all domain objects

• Execution of tasks and jobs for targeting and time-bound execution of tasks on the connected devices

• Automated updates of the in-vehicle software

• Data analytics backend


• Cloud-based systems

• AWS/Azure/Google Cloud, ...

• Managed services (Databases, Filestorage, Message Broker, ...)

• Selfcontained deployment (CI/CD Jenkins, ...)

• Container technologies

• Virtualized server

• Docker

• Kubernetes

• Web technologies

• Client side Javascript

• RESTfull WebApplications

• Various database technologies

• http / MQTT / ZMP

• Distributed systems (microservices)

• Common security standards

• High availability standards

• Data integrity


• Atlassian Toolchain

• AWS Services

• Container technologies: Docker, Kubernetes

• Docker

• ELC Stack

• Git

• Javaskript: Angular, React, Vue

• Jenkins

• Kibana Dashboards

• MVC Frameworks

• Message queues: Kafka, Firehose, ...

• Relational/document-based databases

• Visual Studio Code

• Web technologies-/ protocols: http / MQTT / ZMQ

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