Hardware Engineering

Innovation for technical Solutions

With our wide range of services, we cover the entire spectrum of technological solutions and requirements. Starting with the creation of flat assemblies through to the development and delivery of highly integrated complete systems.

Our teams of experts accompany you through the entire development cycle. From concept to complete layout, we offer a holistic approach to realize your vision.

Examples of Research and Development

At a glance




With our state-of-the-art design software, we can precisely visualize and simulate the functionality of our products. Through 3D modeling, simulations and interactive prototypes, we can effectively communicate functionality and create a better understanding for our customers.

PC and Vehicle Interfaces


We are familiar with all common PC and vehicle interfaces and offer customized solutions. Our extensive know-how in the field of automotive pre-series and mobile automation also enables us to respond to upcoming challenges and advanced technologies at an early stage.


High-Speed Design


By focusing on high-speed design, we can guarantee a sustainable and future-proof investment. As a result, your products are not only powerful and reliable, but can also remain flexible and adaptable in the long term.


EMC-compliant Hardware Design and Advice for Customers


Our focus is on the development of EMC-compliant hardware to guarantee interference-free products. We offer comprehensive consulting services on standards, design and EMC requirements to meet regulations. Our approach includes EMC concept development, simulation and pre-testing to solve problems at an early stage.


Needs-based Testing and Worldwide Country Approvals


We offer customized testing according to customer requirements, including CE certification, automotive standards and other relevant standards such as ECE R10, E1 (KBA), E13 (SNCH). We also provide support for approvals in various countries such as the USA (FCC, UL), Japan (VCCI), Australia (RCM) and Korea (KC).



In-House Automotive Tests, Environmental Simulations and Climate Tests


Through in-house automotive testing according to LV124 and LV148, we ensure an efficient and highquality test environment. In addition, we offer in-house environmental simulation and climate testing to test products under realistic conditions and ensure their resilience in different environments.

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