Smart I/O Driver Interface SIODI
OS service and API for generic hardware access

The Smart I/O Driver Interface (SIODI) is a comprehensive solution that has been specially developed for the advanced monitoring and management of b-plus BRICK and DATALynx measurement technology systems. This software package serves as an interface to all components installed in the systems.The primary function of SIODI is to monitor and log system performance and status in real time in order to detect hardware-related malfunctions at an early stage. In this way, the operation of the test vehicle or vehicle fleet can be maintained at all times. SIODI can be used to provide all relevant information for setting up a monitoring application. This includes the ability to customize individual system parameters as required. This functionality is crucial for users who want to set up and configure systems. SIODI itself is made up of two main components: a system service and an API (Application Programming Interface) that can be integrated into a higher-level application. This structure enables SIODI to be seamlessly integrated into various applications and ensures that the comprehensive functions of the Smart I/O Driver Interface can be used effectively. The easiest way to access SIODI functionalities is via the provided ATX4 and BRICK2 Monitor GUIs.

Which tasks does SIODI take on?

Key Features

A shortcut to measurement platforms


SIODI offers an abtracted hardware access to all b-plus measurement technology platforms. It enables seamless integration and compatibility across a wide range of systems and ensures a flexible solution for different applications.

Detection and management of storage solutions


The software solution is also characterized by the identification and control of xSTORAGE storage units within the setup. Secure and efficient handling of the storage solutions is essential for the interchangeability of the storage units during runtime (hot-plug / hot-swap).

Operating system services for Windows and Linux


SIODI is versatile in its compatibility with major operating systems, providing services for both Windows and Linux. This cross-platform functionality ensures that the operating system service and associated tools can be used in a wide range of environments and meet different user requirements.

ATX4 / BRICK Monitor





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