CONiX HiL Solution

Hardware-in-the-Loop Solution CONiX HiL

Discover the precise hardware and modular software solutions from b-plus for your AD HiL and ADAS HiL applications. Our compact HiL testing tools enable efficient error detection and correction directly at the developer's table. Enjoy flexibility through scalable solutions - from simple tools to fully equipped HiL rack systems for 24/7 operation. Increase your efficiency in the hardware-in-the-loop test environment with the know-how of a data specialist.



Your perfect HiL Solution ist just an ethernet cable away

Integrated hardware and software solutions


Highest scalability

We offer open-loop and closed-loop processes that support all phases of development. The complex system can be split down to modular, self-contained and simple single modules. The combination and integration of the modules will be adapted according to the customer's workflow:

  • b-HiL for realtime injection directly at the test table
  • CONiX HiL Solution as HiL integrator
  • CONiX HiL Solution XXL as HiL rack system
High performance hardware
  • Time-synchronous playback of raw sensor data, vehicle BUS and network information
  • Out-of-the-box inject hardware
  • Supports common sensor technologies (radar, lidar, and camera)
  • Raw data interfaces: CSI-2, GMSL2, FPD-Link III
  • 24/7 operation even for extremely high bandwidths
  • Suitable for high-performance AD platforms
Reliable software
  • Reliability through existing and tested software modules
  • Flexibility through seamless integration into your environment
  • Highly qualified engineering and more than 20 years of project experience
Expert Teams
  • Reduction of project escalation and validation costs
  • Quality through highly qualified engineering
  • Self-diagnosis of the HiL system
  • Time savings due to perfected technology right from the start

Our products and complete solutions

Base system

b-HiL reinjection
  • Solution ideal for the developer workspace
  • Early access to hardware in the loop/re-injection of sensor data to enable improved early software reliability
  • Flexible setup for clustering multiple sensor data streams
  • Time-correlated injection of recorded raw sensor data and bus data for reproducible real test drives
CONiX HiL integrator
  • Offers a complete development environment for integration and HiL testing in a compact 19'' rack
  • Powerful hardware
  • Integrated raw data interface, network playback, power on/off relay, 3rd party hardware/software integration as well as hardware/software integrations and a replay option
  • Easy integration into your CI/CD infrastructure
  • Configurable workflows and sequences for optimal usability
  • Flexibility to adapt functionality to ECU characteristics or cloud/data center platforms
  • A range of protocol stacks, importers and converters can be added as required: e.g. XCP and DoIP/UDS stacks for maximum flexibility, also MDF4 reader/writer for compatibility
CONiX HiL racksystem
  • The CONiX HiL Rack System offers all the benefits of our HiL Integrator, scaled in a 19'' rack for fully automated replay
  • Reduces user maintenance and system downtime
  • Provides 24/7 systems with high data rate performance
  • Highest scalability by combining individual rack trays with power supplies and high-end network switches in 19" racks
  • Optional packages, such as a Replay Manager for client orchestration or an Service-Level-Agreement, are available at any time
  • Best choice for sensor or ECU validation applications



Open loop process with data center connection


The perfect HiL package for your project

Use cases

Sensor development
  • Open loop on recording basis
  • Technologies used: CAN & CSI-2
  • Engineering: Continuous integration, MDF support, integration into development
  • in development environment, Failure Injection
  • Building Blocks: Raw Data Replay, Network Replay
Platform validation
  • Closed loop on simulation basis
  • Technologies used: CAN, SOMEIP & GMSL
  • Engineering: Project planning, system architecture, system integration
  • Building Blocks: HiL Sequencer, Test Reporter
Sensor validation
  • Open loop on recording basis
  • Technologies used: SOMEIP & GMSL
  • Engineering: Project planning, KPI determination,
  • Building Blocks: HiL Sequencer, MDF Lib, Cloud Connector
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  • Scalability
  • Configurable open- and closed-loop tests
  • Enables efficient sequential and parallel test runs in real-time
  • Enhances throughput and accelerates the testing process
  • Accommodates different hardware components and sensor models
  • Integration with existing development and test environments
  • Compatibility with other tools and systems
  • Out-of-the-box inject hardware
  • Raw data interfaces: CSI-2, GMSL2, FPD-Link III
  • Suitable for high-performance AD platforms

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