FPGA Engineering

Customized FPGA Solutions

The development of Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) allows the flexible design and implementation of custom digital circuits. Using hardware description languages such as VHDL and Verilog, FPGAs offer a wide range of applications from embedded systems to high-performance computing.

Examples of Research and Development

At a glance


Customized Solutions with XILINX FPGAs and Hardware Description Languages


Our expertise extends across XILINX FPGAs, CPLDs and SoCs/MPSoCs to develop customized solutions. We use leading hardware description languages such as VHDL and Verilog to realize high performance and reliable designs.



Optimized Data Rates and Interface Solutions for every Requirement


We use advanced design methods to ensure high data rates and low latency with maximum reliability. Our expertise includes various interfaces such as CSI-2, LVDS, Aurora, Ethernet, PCIe, HSSL, Zipwire, SPI, UART, CAN FD, I2C, MDIO and more to provide the right solution for every requirement.


Efficient Processor Integration and (R)DMA Technology for optimum Performance


With DMA and RDMA technologies, we enable effective data transfer between system components. This enables us to offer our customers a reliable and high-performance solution for their data transfer requirements.


Lossless Compression


This solution makes it possible to efficiently reduce the size of data without compromising data integrity or quality. This allows us to optimize resource usage, reduce storage requirements and improve the efficiency of our designs.


Your Benefits:

+ Customer-specific Interfaces (Extensive expertise in the connection of
   SerDesinterfaces as well as proprietary solutions)

+ Customer-specific processing (superimposed protocols, handling, etc.)

+ Highly accurate time synchronization

+ High data rates

+ Low latencies



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