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Customized Software Engineering

Our company specializes in developing custom software solutions that meet the individual needs of our customers. We place great emphasis on usability and aesthetics. From applications for Linux and Windows to driver development and high-performance solutions, we offer a wide range of services. Our goal is to help our customers overcome their technological challenges.

Examples of Research and Development

At a glance


Development of Customer-Optimized Software Solutions


We develop customized and user-friendly application, web and GUI solutions for Linux and Windows applications. We develop with HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, Windows Forms, WPF and QT to fulfill customer requirements aesthetically and functionally.


Enable Time Synchronization


Timesync protocols such as IEEE802.1AS and IEEE1588 are used to achieve precise time synchronization across network boundaries, which is essential for synchronizing events in distributed systems.



Driver Development


The development of drivers for user space, kernels and microcontrollers in various operating systems such as Windows, Linux and using NDIS ensures high compatibility and performance for device communication.


High-Performance Solutions


The optimal combination of FPGA technology, CPU and GPU enables advanced data processingand recording with high data throughput across all network levels.


Other Services in our Portfolio:

+ Cross platform/architecture development
   (Windows/Linux, x86, x64, aarch64, etc.)

+ OS image creation (Windows, Linux)

+ Microcontroller development (STM32, TriCore, etc.)

+ Linux bootloader

+ Network technology OSI Layer 1 to 4

+ GPGPU programming

+ Performance benchmarking

+ Data analysis and visualization

+ Solutions for OPAL-supported data encryption
   of NVMe data carriers

+ Software licensing

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