System Engineering

The Key Component for technological Excellence

Our expertise in this area enables us to design, develop and optimize highly complex systems to meet our customers' exacting requirements. We rely on targeted requirements management, clear license conditions, agile quality management, efficient development methods and data-driven decision-making.

Examples of Research and Development

At a glance


Complex System Integration


Our expertise in system engineering for software, FPGA and hardware enables us to design, develop and optimize highly complex systems to meet the demanding requirements of our customers.


Target-oriented Requirements Engineering


We rely on structured requirements engineering to ensure that all customer requirements are captured, analyzed and precisely implemented, creating the basis for successful project results.


Clear Framework Conditions through Licensing


Licensing is a central component of our services that defines the legal framework for the use and further development of our software products and technologies.



Agile Quality Management


Through practices such as unit testing, system testing and TDD, we ensure continuous quality assurance and optimization of our software products. This is an integral part of our agile development process in order to provide reliable and maintainable systems that meet the dynamic requirements of our customers.


Efficient Development Processes


We rely on continuous integration and fast feedback loops to maximize development speed and ensure quality. Our processes provide developers with regular and timely feedback to promote continuous improvement.


Data-driven Decision making


Our services include providing, collecting and analyzing measurement data to make informed decisions and improve the performance of our software products. This data-driven strategy allows us to optimize our products and tailor them precisely to the needs and expectations of our customers.

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