Platform- and hardware independent ISOBUS-Stack

The b-plus software solution b-ISOBUS-Stack provides a standardized, hardware independent communication between tractor and implement via ISOBUS. 

b-ISOBUS-Stack is a software library programmed in C, which b-plus can integrate in new and existing projects on your controllers/ECUs. It complies with the standard ISO 11783-6 for Version 4 Working Sets (Virtual Terminal Client) and ISO 11783-10 TaskController Client.

The b-ISOBUS-Stack is ISO25119 compliant.

b-plus offers the design-In support as well as the complete integration of the b-ISOBUS-Stack in the particular application.


Key Features

Easy integration
  • Embedding in C, C++ and Middlewares, e.g. CODESYS®
  • Integration with existing or customer specific developed application code, CAN drivers or other RTOS specific code on any microcontroller platforms
  • b-ISOBUS-Wizard as configuration-tool for an easy user-API
Integrate display masks
  • Compatible with ISOBUS object-pools (generated by commercially available tools)
  • Automatic scaling of the masks for every display size
Platform independent

Compatible with all microcontroller platforms, operating Systems (e.g. LINUX) and ANSI C99 compilers


  • Controller: minimum 16Bit microcontroller with 40 MHz
  • RAM:12 kB program ROM: 96 kB
  • Data ROM: minimum 256 kB for object-pools


Supported functions

ISO 11783-6

(exklusive Annex J)

Virtual Terminal


ISO 11783-3

Data Link Layer


ISO 11783-5

Network Management


ISO 11783-5 Annex J

AUX Control



ISO 11783-6 Annex K

Extended Transport Protocol


ISO 11783-10

TaskController Client


ISO 11783-12

Diagnostic Services



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Order information

Order information b-ISOBUS-Stack


Order number Name Description
B12800-ISO-002-0000 Integration b-ISOBUS Stack Integration b-ISOBUS Stack (VT-Client incl. AUX-N und TCClient) on the respective ECU hardware platform
B12800-VTA-002-0000 Training VT incl. AUX-N 2 days training on b-ISOBUS Stack (VT-Client incl. AUX-N)and SW-tools in Deggendorf
B12800-TSK-002-0000 Training TC Client 2 days training on b-ISOBUS Stack (TC-Client) in Deggendorf
2000733 phone support 5h phone support 5h (billing at the end of the first month of use)
2000103 support - budget x h support - budget (billing monthly)
B12800-VTA-010-0xxx License fee Virtual Terminal Client with AuxControl per ISOBUS device xxx License fee incurred for each device, based on the purchase quantity in a calendar year
B12800-TSK-010-0xxx License fee TaskController Client per ISOBUS device xxx License fee incurred for each device, based on the purchase quantity in a calendar year




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