Development Software AVETO.dps
solution for precise raw data logging for
processing and recording of data rates over 100 Gbit/s

AVETO.dps is a revolutionary solution for high-performance raw data logging that combines the stability of a classic data logger with the flexibility of an open platform. Developed for demanding data acquisition and forwarding, it enables the processing and recording of data rates in the 100 Gbit/s performance class. With its architecture, AVETO.dps offers high system stability and efficient resource management. It supports multiple data sources and advanced data formats such as PCAPNG and MDF4. Precise time stamping is ensured by the XTSS time synchronization service, positioning AVETO.dps as a comprehensive solution for collecting, recording, and analyzing raw data in the ADAS/AD environment.

Why choose AVETO.dps?

Key Features

Stable yet flexible design


AVETO.dps combines the stability of a classic data logger with the flexibility of an open platform. Ideal for users who need a robust and precise raw data logging solution without having to sacrifice modern operating systems.

Industry standards for interfaces


AVETO.dps integrates interfaces such as REST for configuration and control, DDS for accessing raw data streams and SMB for accessing the data storage. At the same time, AVETO.dps uses the open and widely used ASAM MDF4 and PCAPNG file formats. In terms of data sources, AVETO.dps currently offers support for Ethernet RAW, CAN (FD), LIN, FlexRay, Automotive Ethernet and SerDes sources such as GMSL and FPDLink.

Combine your hardware and software stack


Scaling in the hardware substructure is made possible by the BRICKplus, BRICK2, BRICK25 and DATALynx ATX4 platforms. At the same time, the Windows 10 IoT and Ubuntu operating systems from 20.04 can be used as a virtual operating system. This enables optimal adaptation to the requirement profile of the respective project.



Virtualization and Architecture

Trusted cage on own bare metal virtualization

Guest OS in virtual box for visualization and processing separated

Support for virtual interfaces in the guest OS

Software Interface

REST API for monitoring, control and configuration

DDS - data distribution service for raw data

Data Lake

Password protected SMB Share

Generic access from the application Guest OS to drop files

Compatible Hardware Platforms





Supported Data Sources

Ethernet RAW




Automotive Ethernet


Data Formats



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