ISOBUS message analysis tool

The b-ISOBUS Spy tool is an application to analyse messages in ISOBUS networks.

The b-ISOBUS Spy allows you to see all the information that is sent in your ISOBUS network. The tool will display all the nodes and record all messages sent between them in a trace. It will not only show you all the data like cycle-time, ID, data etc. but also interprets the given data for you.

The interpretation is made corresponding to the ISOBUS standards in ISO 11783. In your trace you will see the name of the command next to the other raw data. If you want to see more information you can expand the line to see all the signals the message contains. In case a message contains an error it will be marked, so you can recognize the error very quickly.

The information about the nodes is shown in a separated table called the “Name Table”. This way you can always see the information of your nodes and which source address belongs to which participant in your network.

Furthermore you have the option to use filters to show only the data you want to see. There are three different settings of filters.

  • One that filters groups of commands
  • With the second one you can filter the messages that are sent between specific source addresses
  • The third option is the blocking filter to hide the messages from certain source addresses in your trace.

You can even combine all of these options.

If you recorded a trace, you can save it as a txt-file and load it back into the program later. When importing a trace into the program, all the data will be interpreted again.

The b-ISOBUS Spy is compatible with the CAN USB adapter from PEAK™ and the CANfox™ from Sontheim. The support for other adapters might be added in future updates.


Key Features

Clearly arranged

See all nodes in an ISOBUS Network



Interprete data according to ISO11783



Works with PEAK™ and CANfox™ CAN Hardware


Set filter

Set filters to see only the data you need


Record traces

Recording traces of the ISOBUS network


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