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The management of test fleets involves a high level of administrative effort: Vehicles require smart coordination, software updates and structured test procedures.

The CONiX Testfleet Solution was developed as a cloud-based software solution specifically for the management of test vehicles in the field of validation and supports you with the structured preparation and organization of entire fleets, the execution of test and validation drives and the comprehensive evaluation and detailed analysis of test drives and associated data.



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The most important functions at a glance

Key Features


Centralized Information Management


The system eliminates the need to distribute information across multiple Excel files and email communications. All relevant data is stored in a central, immediately accessible database. This not only improves the accessibility and organization of information, but also reduces the risk of data loss or inconsistencies.



Live Analysis and Health Monitoring


With the live data transmission function, the system enables real-time monitoring of vehicles and test campaigns. Developers and managers can track the condition of the vehicles in real time and receive immediate feedback on the quality and relevance of the data collected. It is also possible, for example, to recognize immediately when the memory of the measurement technology is full. Health monitoring minimizes the risk of test drives being carried out whose data later proves to be useless.


Preliminary Analysis of Raw Sample Data


The system offers the possibility to perform a live transmission of sample raw data. This can be analyzed in advance to ensure that the data collected during the test drives meets the requirements. This function makes it possible to make corrections at an early stage and ensure that the test targets are achieved.


Campaign Management


The campaign management feature allows users to ensure that sufficient data is collected for their testing purposes. The system enables detailed planning and monitoring of test campaigns to maximize the efficiency of data collection.


Remote Access


The test fleet management system provides full remote access to vehicles, reducing the need for 'flying doctor' visits. Users can connect to vehicles via SSH or RDP to perform diagnostics, troubleshoot problems or adjust settings without having to be physically on site.


Remote Software Updates


Another key function is the convenient and planned roll-out of software updates via remote tasks. This makes it possible to distribute updates efficiently and without interrupting ongoing test activities, which shortens maintenance times and increases the productivity of the test fleet.

Additional functions of the software solution

+ Fleet Management

+ Vehicle Management

+ Drive Evaluation

+ Data Transfer

+ Health-Monitoring

+ Task Management

+ Event Management

+ Agent Management

+ Usermanagement

+ Chat

+ Shift Management

+ Storage Management

Benefits when using the CONiX Testfleet Solution


Your benefits as a test fleet manager
  • Reduce administrative overhead of test fleets
  • Create and assign vehicles, fleets and individual components
  • Plan campaigns, tasks and test drives clearly
  • Get an overview of completed, ongoing and upcoming test drives
  • Vehicle status can be checked at any time
  • Interface to the test driver via chat



Your benefits as a test vehicle driver
  • Prevent downtime of the measurement technology
  • Get an overview and transparency of the condition of the test vehicle
  • Effective execution of test drives and dedicated scene drives
  • Interface to the manager via chat
  • Convenient tagging of trips (e.g. location, weather bindings, etc.)




Your benefits as a developer of new driving functions
  • Generated metadata supports dedicated data search of large volumes of data
  • Identify and visualize causes
  • Software status of the measurement technology, sensors and control units can be read out remotely
  • Software updates for all in-vehicle measurement components and ECUs via OTA




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Time and cost savings during the development of your systems

Localization, vehicle status,
updates and configurations


Tracking of test campaigns, route
tracking, detection of error


Data analysis, filtering, campaign
evaluation, reports

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