Bronze Sponsor at the AEF ISOBUS Plugfest in France

In 2019 b-plus participates at the AEF ISOBUS Plugfest for the first time as a ´Bronze Sponsor´. As an ISOBUS specialist, it was a pleasure for us to support the manufacturer-independent Plugfest.


The AEF Plugfest took place in Antibes (France) from 17th to 20th September 2019. Twice a year engineers from all over the world meet at the well-known Plugfest, which is organized by the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation). The focus is on manufacturer-independent testing of ISOBUS devices for compatibility. The international interest for this meeting is reflected in the annually increasing number of participants.

Also b-plus was on site with an information booth and three developers. Besides customer applications we also tested new features of our own product solutions such as the task controller functionality of the b-ISOBUS CAN / IO gateway.

b-plus ISOBUS products:

  • b-ISOBUS CAN Gateway
  • b-ISOBUS Spy
  • b-ISOBUS IO Gateway
  • b-ISOBUS Joystick Design Study