MAX - Test demo car with maximum measurement technology

b-plus demonstrates the next generation of measurement technology for camera, radar and lidar data in its new demo car MAX.

The technology carrier shows the state-of-the-art of the entire toolchain of development tools. The latest technologies, hardware and software for time- and cost-optimized development of driver assistance systems and autonomous driving have been integrated into the modular set-up.

The test set-up covers topics from the initial decoupling of raw sensor data at the front end, to the time-synchronous and reliable distribution of raw sensor data, the on-board analysis of the sensor data stream, to the recording of data-on-data center class storage solutions. This technology carrier is supplemented by intelligent energy management and a connectivity level, with which test fleets can be fully managed.

The extensive test set-up including sensor technology was implemented in cooperation with Bertrandt AG.

For more information, visit the product page of the MAX demo vehicle.