Development Software AVETO.app
software framework for the visualization of sensor data streams

AVETO.app supports the development of sensor technology in vehicles by enabling comprehensive visual analysis of sensor data. The software not only offers precise data visualization, but also integrates the extension concept for Measurement Objects (MOs), which enable the conversion and processing of data streams. These flexible modules are crucial to meet the specific requirements of ADAS and autonomous driving, especially in a data-driven development environment. By providing a Software Development Kit (SDK), users have the possibility to add additional Measurement Objects and extend the software according to their individual requirements. However, the innovation of AVETO.app goes even further by enabling a graphical configuration of the data streams. This feature enables intuitive customization of data processing and visualization, further increasing the flexibility of the software.

Why choose AVETO.app?

Key Features

Visual verification of sensor data for ADAS and autonomous driving


AVETO.app provides precise analysis of sensor data to meet the requirements of ADAS and autonomous driving. By detecting potential problems at an early stage, safe and reliable vehicle technology can be achieved.

Measurement objects for specific adaptations


The software supports the integration of Measurement Objects (MOs) for converting and processing data streams in the context of ADAS/AD. To meet special requirements, you can easily program additional MOs via the SDK.

Visual configuration of data streams


AVETO.app offers intuitive customization of data processing and visualization for maximum flexibility. The simple graphical configuration enables efficient adaptation to different development scenarios.

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