Efficient distribution of measurement data

Ethernet technology is particularly suitable for the efficient and high-bandwidth distribution of the immense amounts of data in the vehicle. In addition, the distribution of this sensor data also plays a role in subsequent reprocessing for hardware-in-the-loop tests. Particularly important are both: the synchronization of time over the network, as well as the routing and conversion of data. The conversion of sensor data from vehicle-specific automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1) is of great importance both in the vehicle and in test setups. We offer a portfolio of high-performance switch technology with integrated time synchronization mechanism based on IEEE802.1AS – for laboratory setups and for use in test vehicles. In addition, we round off our range with converters and test points for automotive Ethernet.



Vehicle-grade Ethernet switch with interfaces up to 100G



Multifunctional development tool for 100BASE-T1


NETLion 1000

Automotive Ethernet TAP and converter


EDSwitch 10G

10G PoE switch for high performance data distribution