Measurement platform for driver assistance and autonomous driving

The BRICK2 measurement platform was specially developed for the acquisition of raw data from sensors or ECUs during test drives.

With a logging speed of up to 24Gbps the platform can store 64 TByte in combination with the BRICK2 STORAGE Add-On.

The entire ADAS system solution can be installed in the vehicle without taking up any space or wiring thanks to the compact rack installation.

Your benefits with BRICK2:

  • Powerful platform for your next generation sensor technology for e.g. 6 cameras with 8 megapixel resolution
  • BRICK system building blocks for every aspect of your recording - all from one supplier
  • Completely synchronous recording of raw and bus data with the Time Aware platform, platform internal via hardware, external via Ethernet
  • Future-proof investment through
    • extensive compatibility of the individual components in the BRICK system
    • Open platform concept for your software packages, AVETO components and third-party systems

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