CONiX Testfleet Solution

The management of test fleets involves a high level of administrative effort: Vehicles require smart coordination, software updates and structured test procedures.

The CONiX Testfleet Solution was developed as a cloud-based software solution specifically for the management of test vehicles in the field of validation and supports you with the structured preparation and organization of entire fleets, the execution of test and validation drives and the comprehensive evaluation and detailed analysis of test drives and associated data.

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 Create a smart interface between your testsystem and the cloud!

The most important functions at a glance

Locating the vehicles
Test Drive Management
Version Management
Display of the vehicle status
Issue Tracker
Data exchange between
vehicle and backend
Component Management
Campaign Management

Additional functions of the software solution

+ Fleet Management

+ Vehicle Management

+ Drive Evaluation

+ Data Transfer

+ Health-Monitoring

+ Task Management

+ Event Management

+ Agent Management

+ User Management

+ Chat

+ Shift Management

+ Storage Management

Your benefits as a test fleet manager

  • Reduce administrative overhead of test fleets
  • Create and assign vehicles, fleets and individual components
  • Plan campaigns, tasks and test drives clearly
  • Get an overview of completed, ongoing and upcoming test drives
  • Vehicle status can be checked at any time
  • Interface to the test driver via chat

Your benefits as a test vehicle driver

  • Prevent downtime of the measurement technology
  • Get an overview and transparency of the condition of the test vehicle
  • Effective execution of test drives and dedicated scene drives
  • Interface to the manager via chat
  • Convenient tagging of trips (e.g. location, weather bindings, etc.)

Your benefits as a developer of new driving functions

  • Generated metadata supports dedicated data search of large volumes of data
  • Identify and visualize causes
  • Software status of the measurement technology, sensors and control units can be read out remotely
  • Software updates for all in-vehicle measurement components and ECUs via OTA

Time and cost savings during the development of your systems


Localization, vehicle status,
updates and configurations



Tracking of test campaigns, route
tracking, detection of errors


Data analysis, filtering, campaign
evaluation, reports

Conix Testfleet Solution in use

Try out our evaluation kit

With our evaluation kit you can test CONiX Testfleet-Management-Solution according to your needs and requirements: Create first test fleets, follow test drives and evaluate your measurement data.

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