Copy station for data ingestion into the data center or the cloud

For easy handling of very large storage data b-plus offers a data copy station with 10Gbit interfaces, which was specially designed for the BRICK(2) STORAGE unit. This copy station serves for the transfer of multi-sensor data to data centers, which ensures the subsequent processing for SiL and HiL simulation procedures, algorithm development and further procedures in sensor development.

Different variants enable use directly in the vehicle as well as in the data center. Integrated hash algorithms and a powerful CPU ensure data integrity. The COPYLynx is highly compatible with a wide range of media. 

Copy files from any source to any target, manually triggered or full autonomous, with pre-defined configuration profiles. No PC connection, no peripherals and no software configuration are required for operation.

The COPYLynx is able to transfer data parallel or sequential to multiple target devices and copy files directly to ethernet targets, USB and (e)SATA devices or to the AWS S3

Secure handling of sensitive measurement data

With COPYLynx, you also cover the encryption of valuable data during test drives and vehicle tests. This includes both the decryption of data carriers and encryption at the file level - i.e. before the actual transfer of data to the data center or the cloud.

In this context, COPYLynx supports Microsoft Azure Drives, Microsoft Bitlocker and Open SSL.

For raw data security, encryption can be configured and then automated. After transfer, the multi-sensor data can thus be used directly for further processing for SiL and HiL simulation processes.

More about our new security feature can be found here.

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