HPC data logger BRICK25 PCIe GPU

Measurement platform for driver assistance systems and autonomous driving with GPU add-on

HPC data logger BRICK25 PCIe GPU

With the BRICK25 PCIe GPU, we are launching a measurement platform with unprecedented performance. The compact and intelligent recorder is specifically designed to handle demanding AI-accelerated recordings and high-bandwidth data processing.

It now offers a massive performance with 3584 CUDA® cores and 3rd generation tensor units, delivering powerful AI computing power for intelligent measurement and recording applications. This makes the BRICK25 ideal for use with demanding measurement tasks for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) or automated and autonomous driving (AD).

More graphic power for your visualizations

With its specialized and very powerful graphic card, parallel recording and analysis as well as image and data processing are easily possible. This makes the BRICK25 a high performance 2-in-1 product since it saves you the need for an additional data logger for simultaneous data analysis. Furthermore, it enables the recording of higher data rates due to advanced interfaces and a larger CPU RAM of 64 GB.

The bigger, the better? Not with the BRICK25!

Knowing that space is limited in a test setup and that installation should be as simple as possible, we focused on combining the highest performance with the most compact housing possible. Our recording platform delivers maximum performance in the usual small form factor. If required, you can adapt your BRICK to your needs at any time with our modular measurement card concept, or additional storage options.

The BRICK2 series allows very flexible adaptation and integration into sensor and ECU development as well as validation systems. With numerous add-ons and other accessories, we can offer you an investment-proof system that can be reliably used and reused throughout the entire test operation.


Next level time synchronization technology

Do you have multiple sensors, such as lidars and radars, that use different time protocols and you can’t manage to bring them on the same time base? We got you! The BRICK25 makes it possible for you to synchronize each network interface depending on your desired standard and therefore supports a mixed operation of PTP and gPTP at the same time.

With the b-plus XTSS Time Synchronization Feature and its ability to create the most precise timestamps you will receive an exact temporal correlation of the data packets of your connected sensors. This forms the basis for a meaningful fusion of sensor values.

More freedom for you

The BRICK25 PCIe GPU can be adapted to any sensor standard using decentralized measurement data interfaces. We also offer an open platform with pre-installed Windows10 IoT and Linux x64. This means you are not tied to a specific software or operating system and are free to install your own.

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