Light Weight Filter - Low Level Windows Network Driver

Are you having problems recording on 10G Ethernet interfaces under Windows? Is your system suffering under load and freezes, is unstable, or even shows packet loss? Are you missing important information like VLAN tags and RX/TX timestamps when capturing raw data?

With the Windows Light-Weight-Filter-Driver bRAWcap we have created a driver to get the most out of your existing Windows software and related software packages.

No more CPU overload


With our Windows LWF driver, we create a tool for high-performance recording on 10G Ethernet interfaces. The tapping of data packets is highly effective and loss-free. bRAWcap is optimized to enable fast sending and receiving of high data rates with a minimum use of CPU resources.

Get deep insight into raw data


Unlike other drivers, bRAWcap already operates on OSI layer 2. This allows insight down to Ethernet level and into the optional VLAN tags (IEEE 802.1Q). To enable temporal correlation of the packets, RX/TX timestamps are also generated for each packet. Especially for recordings and analysis this data is essential. With standard Windows drivers, the collection of raw data is not possible.


Only see data that is relevant to you


The powerful solution for Ethernet data transmission offers a wide range of functions that allow you to customize the transmission of data to your individual needs. With bRAWcap, you can easily filter packets using user-defined byte masks, enable or disable packet tapping, and forward the desired data to the network stack. In addition, receive buffer settings can be dynamically configured. Adapter and hardware filters, such as promiscuous mode, can also be adjusted.

Benefit from seamless integration and easy use


With bRAWcap, you get a centralized way to access the Ethernet interfaces that are assigned to it. This feature provides seamless integration and operation of your software without having to interfere with the operating system (OS) to retrieve the desired information. In summary, bRAWcap allows you to easily upgrade receive and transmit performance and raw Ethernet communications to OSI layer 2 in your existing Windows software and associated applications.


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