Data storage solutions for vehicles

In the area of storage solutions, b-plus also offers sophisticated solutions such as the Storage Cartridge. It can be simply removed and is tailored to the BRICK system. Another storage solution is our network storage (SAN) MDLake, which brings the data lake class into the vehicle for the first time with transfer rates of up to 2x 64Gbit/s.

Here, too, we offer comprehensive solutions for a wide range of applications. Our special COPYLynx copy station enables you to easily ingest multi-sensor data into data centers. This ensures the subsequent processing for SiL and HiL simulation procedures, the development of algorithms as well as further procedures in sensor development.

The various options for storing the data in the vehicle and ingest process can be found here:


Stand-alone storage unit of the data center class with up to 128 Gbit/s write performance



Removable storage unit with up to 32 TB capacity and 24 Gbit/s write performance



Removable storage unit with up to 60 TB capacity and 48 Gbit/s write performance


Read-out and copy stations:

BRICK Thunder Dock

ThunderBolt™ 3 Docking Unit for BRICK STORAGE



Data Ingest Platform