Since the introduction of ISOBUS, manufacturer-independent communication between agricultural equipment, such as between the implement and the tractor, has no longer been a problem. ISOBUS-based products comply with the ISO 11783  standard. This standard defines 14 different areas such as uniform plugs, cables, subscribers as well as data formats and interfaces. To increase transparency for the user, the AEF (Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation) has defined functionalities that also form the basis for the certification of ISOBUS products.

We are happy to implement these in individual developments according to your specific requirements.


Platform- and hardware independent ISOBUS-Stack



ISOBUS message analyzation tool


b-ISOBUS CAN Gateway

Compact ISOBUS CAN Gateway


b-ISOBUS IO Gateway

Compact ISOBUS IO Gateway


b-ISOBUS Cable

ISOBUS cable


b-ISOBUS AUX-N Gateway



NETLion 100

Development tool for High-Speed ISOBUS


NETLion 1000

Development tool for High-Speed ISOBUS