b-ISOBUS CAN Gateway

Compact ISOBUS CAN Gateway

The b-ISOBUS CAN Gateway provides a simple way to get your agricultural implement into the ISOBUS world without the need of changing your machine controller.

The gateway has two CAN interfaces, one used for ISOBUS communication with the tractor’s ISOBUS VT and the second CAN interface to connect to the existing, proprietary machine controller.

There are two variants of the gateway:

  • The b-ISOBUS Micro CAN Gateway based on b-CANCubeMicro hardware with 2 CAN interfaces.
  • The b-ISOBUS CAN Gateway based on b-CANCubeMini hardware with 2 CAN interfaces and up to 11 parameterizable in-/outputs.


Both gateway hardware devices are AEF certified and use the ISO 11783-compliant b-ISOBUS stack.


The system provides several parameters to configure the b-ISOBUS CAN Gateway. The user has to build a standards-based ISOBUS VT client Object Pool for the Virtual Terminal functionality. Both, the configuration and the object pool data, are transferred to the b-ISOBUS CAN Gateway using a b-plus download tool. On the proprietary machine controller system the gateway interface (CAN communication) has to be implemented.

Technical data

  b-ISOBUS CAN Gateway b-ISOBUS Micro CAN Gateway
Operating temperature -40 … +85°C -40 … 80°C
Protection Class IP54 IP67
Qualification CE / E-Mark / AEF ISO11783 CE / E-Mark / AEF ISO11783
Dimensions 71 x 73 x 32 mm (WxHxD) 104 x 29 x 72 mm (WxHxD)
Housing Aluminum, black anodized Plastic, PA12, black
Mounting Twin automotive relay 2x 9-pole Back side 2x M3 inner thread Optional: Clamp for rail mount 35mm 4x 4mm screw hole
Bus interfaces CAN1: CAN-Bus (High-Speed) according to ISO 11898-2 CAN2: CAN-Bus according to ISO11783 ISOBUS CAN1: ISOBUS side - CAN-Bus according to ISO11783 ISOBUS CAN2: Implement side - CAN-Bus (High-Speed) according to ISO 11898-2 with internal resistance 120Ohm.
Power supply 8 ... 32 V DC 8 ... 32 V DC
Inputs / Outputs 5 parameterizable inputs 5 parameterizable outputs 1 parameterizable in-/output 1 implement supply output (nonswitchable) max. 1.5A

b-ISOBUS CAN Gateway – input-/output overview

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