b-plus with AVETO Toolbox and new product at AVTE in Novi

From October 25 - 27, 2022, b-plus will be at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi, MI, USA.

In Novi at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo, b-plus will present its latest technology solutions around the validation and analysis of raw sensor data from October 25 - 27, 2022. With the help of developments such as AVETO Toolbox and BRICK25, which will be shown at the trade fair, autonomous driving and driver assistance systems will be further developed.

b-plus is presenting its latest technologies and solutions, that enable the testing and validation of tools for ADAS and autonomous driving. The AVETO Toolbox offers a complete system for the entire validation of automotive test data. Its hardware and software components allow the recording, analysis and processing of many sensors such as cameras, lidars or radars.


What will be the highlights at the trade fair?

  • The Data Recording Platform BRICK, which was especially developed for the acquisition of raw data from sensors or ECUs during test drives. It guarantees various clustering and data collection management tasks.
  • The BRICK25 PCIe GPU, which will be launched at the trade fair, we bring a measurement platform with unprecedented performance to the market. The compact and intelligent recording platform was specially designed for the handling of demanding AI accelerated recordings and processing of high bandwidth data.
  • MDILink, a SerDes measurement data converter, that is used for decoupling and tapping raw data from advanced sensor and data integrity is monitored with
  • Harvested data is being recorded with AVETO.app recording software.
  • AVETO.app Recorder allows to capture high-bandwidth measurement data and associated bus data. The function blocks of AVETO.app Recorder deliver a seamless measurement solution for the decoupling, transport and recording of sensor raw data.
  • With AVETO.app Developer the sensor data is visualized from cognitive sensors. Parallel to this, the corresponding vehicle buses or Ethernet. camera images and bus interfaces are displayed in correlation with GPS data.

The modular system can be adjusted and scaled according to customer requirements.


Get your free ticket for Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Novi and visit us at our booth AV208 and convince yourself of the performance!