Free demo version of CONiX Testfleet Solution available

Try free demo version of CONiX Testfleet Solution now for six weeks

Perfectly timed for the ADAS & Autonomous Vehicle Testing Expo (AVT) in Stuttgart, b-plus automotive introduces a new demo version of the CONiX Testfleet Solution. The demo contains real test data as well as all necessary information for an easy start. It can be tested free of charge for a period of six weeks.

The package includes extensive, real driving data that has been run in with a vehicle of a test fleet. In addition, all information on the functionalities, areas of application and possible uses of CONiX are explained. To make it as easy as possible for users to get started with the software, the package includes a step-by-step guide and introduction to all functions.

Starting with the first test vehicle, through the first test fleet to the individual components installed in the vehicle: CONiX makes the management of test fleets and test vehicles easy and smart. Routes can be tracked live via GPS connection and provided with individually customizable labels. Signals can be monitored in real time and files shared ad hoc. Test driver tasks can be submitted directly to the dashboard. Notes or difficulties which should be documented during or after the trip, can be communicated to the driver via a ticket system or live chat.  Problems can be pointed out specifically by means of a screenshot sent to the driver.

In the field of test fleet management for ADAS/AD development, the CONiX Testfleet Solution has been successfully used in customer projects for years. Exchange ideas for your individual solution with our product experts.

Find out for yourself at our booth at AVTE in Stuttgart, which possibilities you have with CONiX Testfleet Solution and how they bring the development of your driving systems to a new level. Visit us at booth 6120 and sit in the test driver seat.

For further information and your free access to the CONiX Testfleet Demo, please visit the product page.