Team-crossing PlugFest in Deggendorf

Demo vehicle MAX is put into operation after hardware upgrade and equipped with latest software

In the past weeks our demo vehicle MAX has received a hardware upgrade and visibly changed from the outside. At the so-called PlugFest in Deggendorf, developers from different teams of the b-plus group met and worked together to put the newly implemented hardware into operation and to bring MAX up to date on the software side as well.

With the latest data recorder BRICK25, MAX now has the most powerful BRICK ever. It was brought to life for the first time at PlugFest. With its even more powerful GPU, high data volumes can now be processed directly on the recorder. For example, b-plus' proprietary AI solution for object recognition is executed directly on the recorder's GPU. The BRICK25 thus becomes an intelligent recorder, which in the new constellation is able to deliver object-specific recordings.

In addition, the measurement setup was supplemented with the b-plus Ethernet switch EDSwitch. Data communication from both BRICKs and the high-performance DATALynx computer to our MDLake network storage now takes place consistently via 100G Ethernet. In addition, the Cepton Vista-P60 has been replaced with a more advanced Vista-X90 that achieves a 90 degree horizontal viewing angle.

At yesterday's PlugFest, the motivated team set out to bring this hardware to life and add new features and software updates to MAX on the software side. Functions were checked, the latest version of the CONiX Testfleet Solution was installed, and the feature for retrieving and uploading recorded sequences was put into operation. The display of the video from the algorithm overlaid with metadata is now possible on the Driver Dashboard, i.e. the test manager's tablet.

MAX now shines with the latest hardware, software versions and new features to showcase at our trade shows and events this year. If you are interested in a live in-person or virtual demo of the measurement technology, contact us at