HiL Interfaces b-HiL

ADAS HiL raw data injection system

The b-HiL platform is the ideal solution for hardware-in-the-loop testing and ideally completes our CONiX HiL Solution. It acts as a raw data reinjection system and features a scalable FPGA/SoC concept. Your control devices are electrically and mechanically connected to the b-HiL via a Sensor Connector Board (SCB) or a cable. The size of the b-HiL allows it to be used not only in the test bench, but also directly at the developer's workplace. There are  up to two 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces that are ideal for high-bandwidth raw data transmission, particularly required for high-resolution, camera-based ADAS ECUs. With its features and interfaces, the b-HiL creates the best conditions for open-loop test runs.

Why choose b-HiL?

Key Features

Efficiency and adaptability


The system provides swift identification and resolution of errors, enhancing productivity. Its modular structure allows customization to suit diverse project scales, from individual developers to large-scale operations, ensuring a broad application range.

High data integrity


Equipped with sophisticated FPGA and ARM processor technology, the system guarantees precise data handling. This high-level integrity is crucial for developing reliable and safe ADAS and autonomous driving technologies.

Robust and reliable


Designed for endurance, the system's rugged metal casing stands up to demanding testing environments. It delivers consistent performance, crucial for long-term, continuous hardware-in-the-loop testing scenarios.

Software compatibility and interface support


With comprehensive support for various automotive communication protocols and compatibility with Windows and Linux, the system provides a versatile platform for developers, simplifying the integration into existing workflows.

Key facts at a glance

System highlights

  • Scalable processing power
  • Various automotive bus interfaces onboard CAN, CAN-FD, 100BASE-T1, 1000BASE-T1
  • Replay of recorded data
  • Optimized for ADAS development tasks directly at the developer´s workstation
  • 10GBaseT interface for raw data transfer
  • Provides a wide range of embedded sensor raw data interfaces e.g. CSI2 or ZipWire (please contact us for more information)
  • Dual core ARM processor
  • Scalable as a cluster (crosslinking of e.g., two b-HIL systems for higher demands)
  • Sync- and trigger-I/Os
  • Powerful FPGA family
  • Data integrity observation
  • Option for time synchronization
  • Optimized for multi-gigabit raw data replay
  • Highly adaptable to a wide range of integrable ECUs thanks to custom sensor connector board





For more information reach out to our product experts

  • Compact HiL System: Suitable for AD HiL and ADAS applications
  • Scalable FPGA/SoC: Allows for flexible raw data re-injection
  • High-Speed Ethernet: Features 10 Gigabit connectivity
  • Developer-Friendly: Easy-to-use interface
  • Multiple Data Interfaces: Supports CAN, CAN-FD, Ethernet
  • Dual-Core ARM Processor: For complex tasks
  • Reliable Data Recording: Ensures data integrity
  • Customizable: Adaptable sensor connector boards
  • Robust Construction: Durable metal casing
  • Accurate Time Sync: Essential for testing accuracy

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