Configurable Monitor for industrial engines with J1939 interface

CAN bus data illustration (left side: ifm CR0451, right side: DSE M835)

The EngineMonitorPlus is a display and control device with CAN-bus interface, designed specifically for use on industrial engines. All common messages of the SAE J1939 standard are supported.

It provides simple configuration of displayed parameters, error (DM1) and service messages. This device can be configured and customized for the particular application.

The configuration is provided on three pages with two layout options on each page.

One quadrant layout values can be switched via buttons or time based. Values in the row view and four quadrant layout can be shown at one time.

In a password protected menu the engine control, additionally SCR / DPF regeneration and SCR / DPF warning lamp can be activated.

The software is available for two display variants.  With IP67 grades both fits perfectly for rough industrial areas.

Following information can be shown freely configurable:

Accelerator Pedal Position Engine Fuel Delivery Pressure Engine Exhaust Gas Temp. Fuel Level
Engine Percent Load At Current Speed Engine Oil Level Engine Air Inlet Pressure Particulate Trap Lamp
Accelerator Pedal Engine Oil Pressure Estimated Percent Fan Speed DPF Active Regen Status
Actual Engine - Percent Torque Engine Coolant Pressure AT Exht. Gas Temp. 2 DPF Regeneration Inhibited
Engine Speed Engine Coolant Level Auxiliary Temperature Exhaust High Temp Lamp
AT Exht. Fluid Con. Engine Fuel Rate Auxiliary Pressure #1 Catalyst Tank Level (AdBlue)
Engine Total Hours of Operation Engine Instantaneous Fuel Economy Auxiliary I/O Catalyst Temperature (AdBlue)
Total Engine Revolutions Engine Average Fuel Economy Wheel-Based Vehicle Speed % Soot
Engine Trip Fuel Engine Throttle Position Charging System Potential (V) % Ash
Engine Total Fuel Used Barometric Pressure Electrical Potential (Voltage) Aftertr. Exhaust Gas Temp. 3
Engine Coolant Temperature Air Inlet Temperture Battery Potential (Voltage) Aftertr. Exhaust Gas Temp. 1
Engine Fuel Temperature Engine Turbocharger Boost Pressure Trip Distance Engines Desired Oper. Speed
Engine Oil Temperature Engine Intake Manifold Temperature Total Vehicle Distance Engine Actual Ignition Timing
Engine Intercooler Temperature Engine Air Filter Differential Pressure Hydraulic Temperature etc.

Display layouts

One quadrant layout

Four quadrant layout

Command signals

Errorpage DM1

Hardware specification

Order no.: B12300-EMP-101-0451
Display model: ifm CR0451 ifm CR9221 - Klarglas DSE M835
Display size: 2,8" 3,5"
Resolution: 320 x 240px 320 x 240px
Dimmensions (BxHxW): 87,5mm x 87,5mm x 37,7mm 112,5mm x 115mm x 49mm
Protection class: IP 67 (front side, when installed, otherwise IP 65) IP67
Qualification: CE, e-Mark CE
Operating temperature: -30 .. 80°C -40°C .. 85°C
Operating voltage: 8-32V DC 8-35V DC
CAN protocol: SAE J1939 – ISO 11898 – HighSpeed-CAN / 5V Basis / 250 kBaud SAE J1939 – ISO 11898 – HighSpeed-CAN / 5V Basis / 250 kBaud
Supported industrial engines: Caterpillar ®
Cummins ®
Daimler ®, Deutz ®
FPT / Iveco ®
Hatz Diesel®
John Deere ®
Perkins ®
Scania ®
VolvoPenta ®
And others with standard SAE J1939
Supported languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian German, English, French, Spanish, Italian
Connection: B12090-CPS-002-0500
M12 Cable socket tilted 5m 4pole CAN-Cord with 120 Ohm Resistor (other lengths available)
Socket incl. pins
DEUTSCH DT16-A, 18pin
Mounting frame: 4000333
Mounting frame for flat front panel mounting (EC0403)
RAM-Mounting: 4000334
RAM-Mount Set 1“ (EC0405)
RAM Mount + Adapter cover M835

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