HiL - Hardware in the Loop

To enable algorithm optimization as early as possible in the development and validation cycle, developers use so-called hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) systems for radar, camera and fusion platforms. Some of these, such as monitor HiL systems, are inadequate for today's rendering of multi-gigabit raw sensor data because you are not able to handle the amount and number of camera data. Moreover, they cannot simulate real-world physical effects, such as glare from the sun. HiL systems allow you to render data on the target controller or autonomous driving controller with exactly the real-world data you captured.


DATALynx ATX4 230V

Platform as a high performance HiL player for ADAS/AD



HiL simulation of sensor raw data and bus data



100G switch for high performance data distribution


CONiX HiL Solution

Scalable open or closed loop ADAS / AD-HiL system