HiL - Hardware-in-the-Loop


b-plus offers you high-precision hardware in combination with modular software for your individual AD HiL and ADAS HiL application:

  • Radar HiL
  • Lidar HiL
  • Camera HiL
  • Replay / Report HiL
  • Simulation HiL

With our smaller HiL testing tools we enable early error detection as well as debugging of your sensor/controller algorithms directly at your development table.

In addition, we offer highest scalability with expansion possibilities up to a fully equipped HiL rack system for high bandwidths in 24/7 operation.

Benefit from the know-how of a data specialist and use it for your data processing in the Hardware-in-the-Loop testing area.

In the technical paper "Validating ADAS/AD Functions Safely", published in the magazine Hanser automotive 05/22 in German language, the characteristics of open and closed loop HiL systems are explained. Furthermore, the importance of synchronous playback of raw sensor data, vehicle BUS and network information in the validation of ADAS/AD functions is illustrated.

The article "High-Performance Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems for Sensor Validation," (in German language) which appeared in the 2022 Annual Report of the Cluster Automotive, discusses the flexibility of Hardware-in-the-Loop systems when used in various testing scenarios.

Benefit from the hardware and software solution perfectly matched to each other for your individual HiL application - all from a central partner!

Highest scalability

We offer open-loop and closed-loop processes that support all phases of development. The complex system can be split down to modular, self-contained and simple single modules. The combination and integration of the modules will be adapted according to the customer's workflow:

  • b-HiL for realtime injection directly at the test table
  • CONiX HiL Solution as HiL integrator
  • CONiX HiL Solution XXL as HiL rack system

High performance hardware

  • Time-synchronous playback of raw sensor data, vehicle BUS and network information
  • Out-of-the-box inject hardware
  • Supports common sensor technologies (radar, lidar, and camera)
  • Raw data interfaces: CSI-2, GMSL2, FPD-Link III
  • 24/7 operation even for extremely high bandwidths
  • Suitable for high-performance AD platforms

Reliable software

  • Reliability through existing and tested software modules
  • Flexibility through seamless integration into your environment
  • Highly qualified engineering and more than 20 years of project experience

Expert teams

  • Reduction of project escalation and validation costs
  • Quality through highly qualified engineering
  • Self-diagnosis of the HiL system
  • Time savings due to perfected technology right from the start


Our products and complete solutions:

b-HiL Reinjection

  • Solution ideal for the developer workspace
  • Early access to hardware in the loop/re-injection of sensor data to enable improved early software reliability
  • Flexible setup for clustering multiple sensor data streams
  • Time-correlated injection of recorded raw sensor data and bus data for reproducible real test drives

CONiX HiL Integrator

  • Offers a complete development environment for integration and HiL testing in a compact 19'' rack
  • Powerful hardware
  • Integrated raw data interface, network playback, power on/off relay, 3rd party hardware/software integration as well as hardware/software integrations and a replay option
  • Easy integration into your CI/CD infrastructure
  • Configurable workflows and sequences for optimal usability
  • Flexibility to adapt functionality to ECU characteristics or cloud/data center platforms
  • A range of protocol stacks, importers and converters can be added as required: e.g. XCP and DoIP/UDS stacks for maximum flexibility, also MDF4 reader/writer for compatibility



CONiX HiL Racksystem

  • The CONiX HiL Rack System offers all the benefits of our HiL Integrator, scaled in a 19'' rack for fully automated replay
  • Reduces user maintenance and system downtime
  • Provides 24/7 systems with high data rate performance
  • Highest scalability by combining individual rack trays with power supplies and high-end network switches in 19" racks
  • Optional packages, such as a Replay Manager for client orchestration or an Service-Level-Agreement, are available at any time
  • Best choice for sensor or ECU validation applications

Example of an open loop process with data center connection

Choose your application - we will create the perfect HiL project package for you!

Sensor development

  • Open loop on recording basis
  • Technologies used: CAN & CSI-2
  • Engineering: Continuous integration, MDF support, integration into development
  • in development environment, Failure Injection
  • Building Blocks: Raw Data Replay, Network Replay

Platform validation

  • Closed loop on simulation basis
  • Technologies used: CAN, SOMEIP & GMSL
  • Engineering: Project planning, system architecture, system integration
  • Building Blocks: HiL Sequencer, Test Reporter

Sensor validation

  • Open loop on recording basis
  • Technologies used: SOMEIP & GMSL
  • Engineering: Project planning, KPI determination,
  • Building Blocks: HiL Sequencer, MDF Lib, Cloud Connector

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State of the art technologies and methods: Safe innovations for standard and future based ECU development. Cutting right to the chase without any delays. 

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