Measurement Data Interface

In the ADAS/AD environment, measurement data converters are always used when you want to decouple raw data from sensors such as camera, radar or lidar.

With the MDILink you get a SerDes measurement data converter that allows a smooth transition from the development stage and validation results to series production.

The measurement data interface offers a conversion to 10Gbit Ethernet as well as transparent decoupling of the raw data stream in TAP mode.

In addition to sensor control, I²C backchannel communication can achieve a precise time synchronization of trigger-capable cameras, radar or lidar. Thus, a perfect environmental image with precisely timed recordings is created.

The sensor data can be easily transferred and subsequently analyzed in data recording platforms as well as integrated into other AVETO Toolbox modules.

Flexible adaptation to different interfaces is easily achieved thanks to its modular concept. Furthermore, b-plus will gladly perform the physical adaptation to the selected sensor chip for you.

Why CSI-2?

The CSI-2 interface, which is typically used with camera sensors, provides a direct interface for sensor and ECU evaluation. Through CSI-2 a direct connection to the ECUs is established, so that image data can be transmitted without detours via bus systems.

The MDILink FPDLink III supports TSN IEEE1588 802.1AS-2020 standard, enabling highly precise time synchronization and time stamping in the vehicle. Thus, we achieve accurate and reliable transmission of high bandwidth from the ECU while always maintaining data integrity. With 10Gbit Ethernet, we can ensure secure transport without data loss - even over longer distances.

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