MDI Technology

Individual solution for ADAS and AD measurement data - specifically for your use case

MDI Technology

With our MDI (Measurement data interface) technology we specialize in decentralized measurement data acquisition from sensors, the conversion and exact time stamping of data from synchronized clocks, and the subsequent transfer via Ethernet to the recorder. Our technology is used in the development process of ECUs, for automated and autonomous driving, in prototypes and tests for data acquisition.

With our technology modules we offer the basis for developing a solution specifically for the use case of the ECU and simultaneously integrating it directly into the control unit. Thanks to state-of-the-art FPGA technology we enable highly efficient and parallel processing of the interfaces with the highest data rate.

Through defined software interfaces, our raw data interface can be easily connected to tool chains such as software frameworks. We thus offer you an open and adaptable solution for a wide range of applications.

Our highly flexible MDI technology, which is a core competence of b-plus, offers you individual adaptation to your requirements. For example, this can be a connection to certain interfaces or the input and output of different data formats. But also, the data compression, conversion and encryption can be adjusted to you.




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low level access to
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Support for triggerable sensors

You have triggerable cameras in your measurement setup, but you don't know how to control them properly? With our MDILink technology you have the possibility to synchronize cameras and other sensors via hardware trigger.

Thanks to the constant trigger you are able to generate a perfect environmental image - with best data quality due to high precision times. Via the transmission path via GPIO, the MDILink sends a very precise pulse to the camera, signaling it to take a photo as well as to synchronize its internal clock.

In addition, the hardware trigger enables the synchronization of multiple triggerable cameras as well as other sensors such as radar and lidar. XTSS time synchronization enables extremely precise triggering even in very large sensor setups with many cameras via multiple MDILinks.

Our MDILink Technology in action

b-plus develops ProAI MDI measurement interface for ZF

You can find an application of our technology here in the Newsroom.
There we have integrated the MDI technology on a platform for driver assistance and autonomous driving.
A seamless integration of our measurement technology on an ECU became possible.

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