NETLion 1000

Automotive Ethernet Development Tool for 100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1

Automotive Ethernet Media Converter NETLion 1000

The Swiss Army Knife of Automotive Ethernet Development

Whether for software and hardware development at the ECU, measuring data in the vehicle, analyzing data streams in the lab or flashing ECUs – our Automotive Ethernet TAP and media converter NETLion 1000 offers the optimal solution for each of your requirements.

Our NETLion 1000 connects the world of automotive Ethernet with that of standard Ethernet, making it an indispensable tool in development.

But the NETLion 1000 is also used in industrial and agricultural environments. For example, it is ideally suited as a development tool for High-Speed ISOBUS.

In media converter mode, it converts up to two 1000BASE-T1/100BASE-T1 signals to PC-standard 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX and thus additionally supports several standards with only one device.

In the operating mode Network TAP, which acts on layer 1, data can be decoupled from both transmission directions and read out separately from each other.

In addition, the NETLion 1000 can be used as a cable tester – this gives you information about the condition, as well as the length of the unterminated cable. Furthermore, it reveals whether there is a cable break and at which point it is located.

Software and hardware development on the control unit

Measuring data in the vehicle

Analysis of the data stream in the test setup in the laboratory

Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems

i.e. b-HiL

Wiring harness test

End-of-tape test and installation of the software

Why NETLion – Your advantages

Reliable data

  • most accurate data through Layer 1 technology
  • real-time transmission with low and defined latency
  • no change of data streams
  • no data loss due to dedicated Ethernet lines per channel
  • no interruption of flash processes


Versatile use

  • Software and hardware development on the ECU
  • Measurement of data in the vehicle 
  • Analysis of the data stream in the test set-up in the laboratory
  • Use with hardware-in-the-loop systems 
  • Test of wire harnesses
  • End-of-line test/test bench/function test
  • Application of the software


Environment-independent application

  • Use in the laboratory and adaptation for special challenging conditions in the automotive environment
  • rugged metal housing with rubber coated edges for vibration and shock absorption
  • extended operating temperature from -40°C to +75°C
  • largest wide range input from 9-48V

Fast Target Detection

  • fast error detection
  • visual feedback by clear LED lights
  • comfortable development due to easy handling


Flexible configuration

  • fast and easy configuration via hardware by DIP switches or
  • configuration via software by web interface
  • no special software or drivers required for configuration via browser
  • no interferers during connection set-up
  • advanced settings via Common Gateway Interface possible (CGI)

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