Network Storage Unit MDLake

Mobile Data Lake for ADAS/AD

Network Storage Unit MDLake

The b-plus MDLake is a small form factor network storage unit designed for mobile SAN applications. It combines high-bandwidth server storage technology with automotive requirements to enable the next generation of raw sensor data recording in ADAS/AD.

Based on RDMA technology RoCE v2 together with NVMe over Fabrics (NVMe-oF), the MDLake allows a data throughput of 80 Gbit/s via single-link or up to 128 Gbit/s for dual-link configurations by offloading the processing unit in your recorder.

With two multi-port compatible 100 Gbit/s QSFP28 Ethernet interfaces you can connect any recorder via active optical cable (AOC), passive optical network (PON) or direct attach copper (DAC) solutions including daisy chaining.

In the automotive segment, this new class of devices sets a new milestone for measurement architecture in vehicles.

Your benefits using MDLake:

  • One storage for all vehicle data loggers
  • Data lake class for the first time in a vehicle
  • Easy integration into existing concepts
  • Operate server technology without interference in the vehicle


Watch the videos to get an overview of Data Lake for the vehicle.

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